The most inspiring and influencing type of cocktails are listed below:

The Supreme cocktail: The Martini
The most important cocktail, the Martini, is worth your money. It’s definitely the most representative — just the look of your cocktail glass summons up the impression of Rat Pack and James Bond. Even the glass represents the delicacy and elegance and reflects the symbol of cocktail society. The well known Manhattan failed to mark its place high above the Martini. Martini has successfully replaced its position in terms of popularity.
The Master of cocktails: The Daiquiri
The award for the Golden drink of all time in the sour cocktails goes to The Daiquiri. It’s straightforward and sparkling. It is a smoothing mixture of rum, fresh lime and a little amount of sugar to enhance the taste of lime. Its exquisite taste can take you to the seventh cloud. The major and only difference between margarita and daiquiri is the use of tequila instead of rum, Cointreau in place of sugar and the introduction of salt.
A historical Drink: The Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned, the earliest cocktail, with the basic ingredients including sugar, bitters, ice and rye whiskey or bourbon has made a historical impression on the cocktail lovers. But in this era, bartenders have successful blend the original recipe with a tang of flavors resulting in new and unique versions of The Old Fashioned. These variations and modifications have flourishing modern touch that can take your senses to the next level of joy.
The Refreshing Adventure: Tom Collins
Tom Collins has produced a variety of new drinks just by tweaking the original cocktail. This highball drink has been an impressive and rich drink since the very beginning. It’s very similar to Martini. It’s a punch of gin sour and soda water. Tom Collins have influenced Mojito giving a hint of mint, Cuba Libre and drinks like Dark and stormy.
The Hangover Cure: The Bloody Mary
Drunk with the sunshine! The nearby dive bars have created a new version of what they call their innovation of Bloody Mary. This drink is served at a lot of places specially the England Pub’s. The tribute for such glory of this cocktail goes to the dash of flavors it has. Bartenders have introduced their style of Red snapper, Bloody Maria and the Bloody Caesar.
The Bitter aperitif: The Negroni
Negroni is known for its bitter taste. This cocktail contains equal parts of gin, Vermouth and Campari flavored with orange peel. It was introduced in Italy and is loved by a few cocktail lovers due to its different taste. The fizzy drink stands out due to its unusal thrill and it is intoxicating enough to tantalize your mind. The temptation of this drink is desired by a few people though.
The Champagne Thirst: The Bellini
The crazy Bellani is such an exquisite drink which have low amount of alcohol and tastes like wine. Its uniqueness lies in the absence of spirit yet it is labeled as a cocktail. The Champagne cocktail, as exclusive as it sounds, adds another aspect to a grand glass of Champagne by crowning bitters on a sugar cube which is then dropped into the drink, immediately changing it into a bitters and a classy soda-style drink.