Northern Cousin of Tequila- Sotol

Sotol is basically known as the northern cousin of commonly known relative of mescal and tequila. The spirit is really a tasty contribution which is made from a plant which is one of the kinds of agave. This is a wild plant and famous with the name Desert Spoon. This plant is found mostly in the desert of arid Chihuahua and the grasslands of the Texas and New Mexico. Sotol is primarily distilled in the region of Chihuahua. This evergreen plant takes 12 to 15 years to get mature and after then it is harvested when it get matured. The heart of the plant is cooked while the juice is distilled with sotol going into oak barrels for aging. Young plata sotol is clear just like the tequila while golden reposado is several months aged, and the age of light amber anejo may be equal to two years.
There is a unique family resemblance between the two stotol and tequila, and this resemblance is very clear from the flavor of both. Both the spirits have herbaceous glow and delicious fruity sweetness. Tequila is famous for the unique peppery snap while sotol is grassy.
You may need little searching if you want to try sotol yourself. One of the most well-known brands which exported to the United States is based in Hacienda de Chihuahua. Along with enejo and reposado, Hacienda de Chihuahua sells intriguing plata. Some other brands are Don Cuco, Leyenda and 219.
It would be a tough job for you to differentiate between the stool and tequila in a cocktail. When you sip sotol it will bring its cousin in your mind. But the delicious taste and the fruity sweetness of sotol will attract you and you will be lost in the taste of sotol. Mexico and the United States are the two most common places for sotol.